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US-2006281301-A1: Method for manufacturing dual damascene pattern patent, US-2007067339-A1: System for creating markup language documents at a receiving display station from multiple sources with markup for displaying the state of sets of content reviews patent, US-2007109183-A1: Multi-beam transmitting/receiving apparatus and transmitting/receiving method patent, US-2007161564-A1: Methods for making Apo-2 ligand using divalent metal ions patent, US-2007162498-A1: Improving Data Access Speed While Processing Transaction Requests From Web Based Applications patent, US-2007269596-A1: Valve failure detection patent, US-2008062792-A1: Memory device and method for precharging a memory device patent, US-2008071990-A1: Method for Ensuring Fairness Among Requests Within a Multi-Node Computer System patent, US-2008090311-A1: Dipping detecting device for fabricating a semiconductor device patent, US-2008158428-A1: Dynamic Cross Color Elimination patent, US-2008280675-A1: Gaming Machine patent, US-2008305347-A1: Protective coating and a coated substrate obtained therefrom patent, US-2009014182-A1: Drill pipe wiper system and associated method patent, US-2009039372-A1: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-2009071713-A1: System for Rapidly Boring Through Materials patent, US-2009097521-A1: Side Surface Light Emitting Semiconductor Element And Method Of Manufacturing The Same patent, US-2009123128-A1: Recording medium, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method patent, US-2009202479-A1: Method for modulating immune responses using stem cells and cytokines patent, US-2009236940-A1: Ultrasonic probe and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2009270169-A1: Game device, game device control method, and information storage medium patent, US-2009307970-A1: Method of growing plants patent, US-2010049552-A1: First Notice Of Loss reporting with integrated claim processing patent, US-2010078135-A1: Roll formed shutter system patent, US-2004109902-A1: Dermatological formulations patent, US-2004112483-A1: High-strength isotropic steel, method for making steel plates and resulting plates patent, US-2005060842-A1: Simple hinge unit capable of providing electrical connection in an electronic apparatus patent, US-2005161405-A1: Method and apparatus for preventing scale deposits and removing contaminants from fluid columns patent, US-2005172934-A1: DOD throttling and intake control patent, US-2005199195-A1: Cooling structure of cylinder block patent, US-2005214318-A1: Immunogenic composition and method of developing a vaccine based on fusion protein patent, US-2005225445-A1: Electronic tampering detection system patent, US-2005226784-A1: Instruments for forming an immobilized sample on a porous membrane, and methods for quantifying target substances in immobilized samples patent, US-2006221420-A1: Recording and reproducing apparatus patent, US-2006287737-A1: System and method for determining correct sign of response of an adaptive controller patent, US-2007141289-A1: Peel ply masking device for an adhesive bonded attachment patent, US-2007161181-A1: Capacitorless DRAM with cylindrical auxiliary gate and fabrication method thereof patent, US-2007225433-A1: Curable silicone composition patent, US-2008077562-A1: System and Method for Relating Ratings by Entities to Associations among the Entities patent, US-2008084702-A1: Decorative Light String patent, US-2009015185-A1: Semiconductor Module, and Hybrid Vehicle Drive Device Including the Same patent, US-2009074127-A1: Phase locking method and apparatus patent, US-2009119312-A1: Taxonomy tool patent, US-2009135555-A1: Portable terminal patent, US-2009142040-A1: Method and device for recording of frames patent, US-2009157728-A1: Discovery and management of configuration data contained within mashups patent, US-2009192919-A1: Periodically reloading image in order to obtain any changes to the images patent, US-2009308351-A1: High Pressure Fuel Supply Control System for Internal Combustion Engine patent, US-2009314640-A1: Method for the electrophoretic coating of workpieces and coating installation patent, US-2010093277-A1: Near field communication search for mobile communication devices patent, US-2010126386-A1: Radiation-curable coating substances patent, US-2010137031-A1: Portable electronic device and method of controlling same patent, US-2003190242-A1: High-speed, belt-driven industrial blower patent, US-2004209593-A1: Wireless mobile station loss prevention in multi-network communication systems patent, US-2005068246-A1: Antenna device patent, US-2005083844-A1: Methods, systems, and computer program products for voice over ip (voip) traffic engineering and path resilience using network-aware media gateway patent, US-2005158724-A1: Methods, of identifying compounds that modulate a dna repair pathway and/or retroviral infectivity, the compounds, and uses thereof patent, DE-2652001-A1: Baukonstruktion mit verbesserter waermeisolation patent, US-2005195696-A1: Information processing apparatus and method, and program patent, US-2005207944-A1: Gas sensing material and gas inspecting method patent, US-2005256889-A1: Methods, apparatus, and data structures for annotating a database design schema and/or indexing annotations patent, US-2005278069-A1: Energy efficient CRAC unit operation using heat transfer levels patent, US-2006032400-A1: Highly branched, unsubstituted or low-substituted starch products, dialysis solution and plasma expander containing the same, and the use thereof patent, US-2006064367-A1: Systems and methods for insuring intellectual property holding companies patent, US-2006087821-A1: Circuit board and electric device having circuit board patent, US-2006110630-A1: Battery with integrated screwdriver patent, US-2006110641-A1: Purging water with reactant air pump powered by operational fuel cell system during shutdown patent, US-2007124291-A1: Method and system for extracting and visualizing graph-structured relations from unstructured text patent, US-2007160893-A1: Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and separator used in a polymer electrolyte fuel cell patent, US-2007254383-A1: Method of manufacturing ferroelectric thin film for data storage and method of manufacturing ferroelectric recording medium using the same method patent, US-2008057194-A1: Coating treatment method, computer-readable storage medium, and coating treatment apparatus patent, US-2008297590-A1: 3-d robotic vision and vision control system patent, US-2009026928-A1: Phenylphenoxazine or phenylphenothiazine- based compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same patent, US-2009047993-A1: Method of using music metadata to save music listening preferences patent, US-2009093569-A1: Novel Dispersant And Compositions Thereof patent, US-2009144460-A1: System for detecting a peripheral device patent, US-2009176295-A1: Use of mosses and/or lichens, element and method for reducing the particulate matter content of air patent, US-2009209510-A1: Novel Method of Treating Hyperlipidemia patent, US-2009246343-A1: Stable Natural Color Process, Products and Use Thereof patent, US-2009310992-A1: Recording medium determination apparatus and image forming apparatus patent, US-2010017354-A1: Interpreting a plurality of m-dimensional attribute vectors assigned to a plurality of locations in an n-dimensional interpretation space patent, US-2010055186-A1: Photocrosslinkable oligo(poly (ethylene glycol) fumarate) hydrogels for cell and drug delivery patent, US-2010074088-A1: Information recording carrier and method of reproducing the same patent, US-2010080394-A1: QKD transmitter and transmission method patent, US-2004005759-A1: Structure and manufacturing method of non-volatile semiconductor memory device patent, US-2004116086-A1: Reception method, radio system and receiver patent, US-2004261949-A1: Tubular label fitting apparatus for containers patent, US-2005022363-A1: Three ply bolted temporary road mats and apparatus for manufacturing same patent, US-2005213633-A1: Method for recording the boiling-point curve of liquids and device for carrying out said method patent, US-2005238629-A1: Lentiviral LTR-deleted vector patent, US-2005285475-A1: Surface acoustic wave device manufacturing method, surface acoustic wave device, and communications equipment patent, US-2006104471-A1: Headphone apparatus patent, US-2006218631-A1: Single logon method on a server system patent, US-2007131994-A1: Ferroelectric memory and method for manufacturing ferroelectric memory patent, US-2007165869-A1: Support of a multichannel audio extension patent, US-2007200188-A1: Magnetic random access memory with reference magnetic resistance and reading method thereof patent, US-2008089986-A1: Coffee Roaster and Controlling Method of Same patent, US-2008160058-A1: bait and uses thereof patent, US-2008198739-A1: Optical Recording Medium patent, US-2008272237-A1: Aircraft Auxiliary Fuel Tank System and Method patent, US-2008282483-A1: Method for Selecting Desired level of Dye Loading and Controlling Loading of Polymer Microparticles patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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